Selected Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

2017 Selected Works, Brick Gallery in Corkin Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2016 Brendon McNaughton: Nest Egg, Corkin Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2015 Bloodwork: Kim Morgan & Brendon McNaughton, PM Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2014 Precursor, MJG Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2013 Brendon McNaughton: New Paintings, Amber Group Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

2012 Visual Jazz, Oz Studios, Toronto, Canada.

2012 Brendon McNaughton: New Work, Skookum Docks Warehouse, Newmarket, Canada.

2011 Pre Departure Exhibition. McNaughton Residence, Toronto, Canada.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Imago Mundi, Palazzo Loredan, Venice, Italy.

2017 Imago Mundi Selected Works, Italian Cultural Institute, Toronto, ON.

2017 Pawn, Corkin Gallery, Toronto, ON.

2016 Selected Works, Art Toronto, Corkin Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2015 Selected Works, Art Toronto, PM Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2015 Salt Spring National Art Prize 2015 Finalist Exhibition, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.

2015 Ambiguous Ardor, curated by Ariella Starkman, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2015 Love Art Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2015 Ameliorate, Gallery 1313, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2014 Margin of Eras, CUE, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2014 Without the Wall, Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

2014 FOVEA: Juried Exhibition, Propeller Center for the Visual Arts, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2014 Art Alibi and Anonymous We, The Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

2014 Merge, Twist Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2014 Salon Show 2014, Greenpoint Gallery, New York, NY, USA.

2013 Times Square Show, Dacia Gallery, New York, NY, USA.

2013 Radiant, Oz Studios, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2013 Duality, Linus Galleries, Long Beach, CA, USA.

2013 Salon Show 2013, Greenpoint Gallery, New York, NY, USA.

2012 Small Works. Greenpoint Gallery, New York, NY, USA.

2012 Impromptu. Eleanor Winters Art Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2012 Imagination. Neilson Park Creative Center, Etobicoke, ON, Canada.

2012 Urban Art. Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

2011 Bobsleigh and Skeleton Fundraiser: Ice Block Auction, Flames Central, Calgary, AB, Canada.

2011 Emerging Artists of Ontario. IT Gala Space, Oakville, ON, Canada.

2010 Works on Paper. Special Projects Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Education and Artist Training

2009-14 York University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honors graduate with Visual Arts specialization, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2012 Deakin University, International exchange semester, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

2002-11 Mentoring/ private studies under Judith Cole, visual artist and educator.

Awards & Recognition

2015 Salt Spring National Art Prize Finalist.

2014 York University, Dean’s List.

2014 CUE Grant, Recipient, Toronto, ON.

2014 ArtSlant 5th Showcase Winner.

2014 FOVEA Juried Finalist, Toronto, ON.

2014 ArtSlant 2nd Showcase Winner.

2013 The International Art Festival, Merit Award, New York, NY.

2013 ArtSlant 8th Showcase Winner.

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Selected Collections

Luciano Benetton Collection.

Bratty Family Collection.

Public Realm Section, Transportation Services Division, City of Toronto.

Private Collections in Toronto, Canada.

Private Collections in Manhattan, NY, USA.

Private Collection in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Private Collections in Perth & Melbourne, Australia.