“Brendon McNaughton is an up-and-coming transnational and transdisciplinary artist who bridges the gap between art, science and technology in a very daring and innovative way. He is a promising product of the third millennium. He capitalizes on the value of artistic heritage from the ancient Greeks to the masters of the 20th and 21st centuries, while constantly experimenting in the latest mediums of expression to create his own artistic vision.” (Dr. Francesca Valente, 2016.)

Brendon McNaughton (b. 1990, Canada) is a multidisciplinary artist working in Toronto and Italy. He received a B.F.A. with honors from York University and began exhibiting his work in 2010. McNaughton has attracted wide public attention with national television and radio broadcasts about his practice and media coverage reaching as far as Asia. His work has been presented internationally with major exhibitions at Corkin Gallery, at international art fairs, and in summer 2017 it is being exhibited in Venice during the Biennale in Luciano Benetton’s collection. McNaughton is the founder of a high-tech corporation created for the marketing and production of his artwork called Brendon McNaughton Inc.

Deep Art is characterized by the intersection of artistic processes with artificial intelligence (AI), data mining, communication networks, and advanced manufacturing. The artist’s role is on a collaborative and conceptual level, focusing on applying evolving technology to produce work. The pieces originate from collaboration between artificial intelligences, computer scientists, and artists to develop digital assets that are often output as image, sound or sculpture. Deep Art is developing during a time of unprecedented technological evolution that authors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee refer to as the Second Machine Age. It functions as a microcosm of global trends emerging from Silicon Valley and other global tech sectors. Deep Art develops a proactive culture of forethought around the social, economic and environmental impact that accelerating technological evolution has on the global community.